Reasons to have dental treatment in Poland
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There are many good reasons to have dental treatment in Poland, here’s our Top 7.

  1. Safe, Professional & Modern

    Poland provides a wide and full range of safe and professional dental treatments. Many of the dental clinics are modern and equipped with the latest high tech including Digital X-ray Diagnostics, Panoramic Radiograph & Computed Tomography (CT).

  2. Qualified dentists

    Education of dentists in Poland is high and regulation is strict. To become a qualified dentist in Poland, students must first undergo five years of training at university. After completing their five-year course, graduates begin a 12-month work experience program. During this time they are only able to perform treatments under supervision. Following this, they must pass another exam in order to become fully qualified. Many dentists undertake dental specialties training after their qualification.

  3. English speaking

    Many dentists in Poland speak English fluently particularly in the main cities; so there will be no communication barriers. In addition, many dental clinics have high tech equipment which allows them to effectively communicate treatment to their patients via visualisation.

  4. Prices

    Going to the dentist in the UK is expensive with average costs of just one implant being £2,400 and one porcelain veneer starting at £500. If you require a lot of dental work, the final price can run into tens of thousands of £s. Dental tourism to Poland exists for one main reason, dental treatment is significantly cheaper here. A dental implant with a crown will typically cost around £900 and other treatments can be up to 70% cheaper even with the extra cost of flights and accommodation to consider.

  5. Travel time

    Poland is easy to get to from the UK, there are many convenient flight connections and many budget airlines. Flight times average just 2.5 hours from the UK. International airlines fly mainly into Warsaw (WAW), the country’s largest gateway. Other major airports offering passenger service include: Warsaw-Modlin, Kraków, Katowice, Gdańsk, Poznań, Wrocław, Szczecin, Rzeszów, Bydgoszcz, Łódź, Lublin, Olsztyn and Zielona Góra.

  6. Poland is an amazing place

    Poland is a very popular tourist destination, particularly the main cities of Warsaw, Krakow & Gdansk where many of our recommended dental surgeries are located. However there is much more to Poland than just the amazing cities. From Poland’s lake district Masuria with over 2,000 lakes to true wilderness areas like The Bialowieza Forest to the stunning Tatra Mountains – you will find that Poland has something to offer every visitor.

  7. Culture, food & drink

    Polish culture is closely connected with its intricate 1000 year history and it is fascinating. The food is delicious and the beers and vodkas are wonderful and the icing on the cake – everything is much cheaper than in the UK.

7 Reasons for Dental Treatment in Poland

For information about tourist areas and attractions in Poland, please visit our Discover Poland page. Alternatively, please visit the Facebook page of our main sponsor, Love Poland. There, you will find lots of information about the country including some great images, things to do and see and articles about culture and the people who live here.

Reasons to have dental treatment in Poland
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Reasons to have dental treatment in Poland
There are many good reasons to have dental treatment in Poland. Within this article, we highlight why dental tourism to Poland is an option you should consider.
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