Drinking in Poland
Drinking in Poland

Polish alcohol – Drinking in Poland

Poland is a country known for its rich cultural history and traditions, and one of the most prominent aspects of its culture is its drinking culture. Poland has a long and storied history of producing and consuming alcoholic beverages, and today it remains a significant part of Polish social life. In this article, we will explore the history of alcohol in Poland, the country’s most popular alcoholic drinks, and the role of drinking in Polish culture.

A Brief History of Alcohol in Poland

The history of alcohol production in Poland dates back centuries, with the first written records of Polish alcohol production dating back to the 15th century. In the centuries that followed, the production of vodka and other alcoholic beverages became an integral part of Polish culture and economy, with many small distilleries and breweries operating throughout the country.

In the modern era, alcohol consumption in Poland has become a significant social and cultural phenomenon. Drinking is often seen as a way to celebrate important events and bond with friends and family. However, excessive drinking has also become a problem in some parts of the country, with alcohol-related health issues and social problems on the rise.

Popular Alcoholic Drinks in Poland

One of the most famous Polish alcoholic beverages is vodka, which has been produced in the country for centuries. There are many different brands of vodka available in Poland, each with their own unique flavor and production methods. Some of the most popular brands of Polish vodka include Belvedere, Żubrówka, and Chopin.

Another popular drink in Poland is beer, which is enjoyed by many Poles throughout the country. Poland is home to many famous beer brands, including Żywiec, Tyskie, and Lech, which are exported all over the world. Other popular alcoholic drinks in Poland include mead, a sweet honey-based wine, and various types of fruit liqueurs.

Drinking in Poland

Craft beer

In recent years, Poland has experienced a boom in craft beer culture, with a growing number of small, independent breweries popping up across the country. Craft beer has become increasingly popular among Poles who are interested in exploring new and unique flavors and supporting local businesses. Many of these breweries are producing high-quality, artisanal beers that are winning awards and gaining international recognition. Craft beer festivals are also becoming more common in Poland, providing an opportunity for beer lovers to sample a variety of different brews and meet with the people behind them. The craft beer movement in Poland is still relatively young, but it is quickly gaining momentum, and is sure to be an important part of the country’s drinking culture in the years to come.


Bimber is a type of traditional Polish moonshine that is typically made from potatoes or other grains. It is a strong alcoholic beverage that is popular among Poles, particularly in rural areas. While technically illegal to produce and sell, bimber is still widely produced and consumed in Poland. Many Poles view bimber as a part of their cultural heritage, and it is often served at special occasions or as a way of celebrating important events. However, it is important to note that bimber can be extremely strong, and excessive consumption can lead to health problems and other negative consequences.

Drinking in Polish Culture

Drinking is an important part of Polish culture, and it is often associated with hospitality, friendship, and celebration. It is common for people to drink in groups, and many Polish traditions involve alcohol consumption. For example, it is traditional to drink vodka during weddings and other important celebrations, and many Poles will drink beer or other alcoholic beverages during a night out with friends.

However, it is important to note that excessive drinking can also be a problem in Poland. According to a report from the World Health Organization, Poland has one of the highest rates of alcohol consumption in Europe, and alcohol-related health problems are a major issue in the country.


Poland’s drinking culture is an important aspect of its rich cultural heritage. Whether you’re looking to try some of Poland’s famous vodkas, sample the local beers, or experience the lively atmosphere of a Polish bar, there is something for everyone in Poland’s drinking scene. However, it is important to remember that excessive drinking can have negative consequences, and it is important to drink responsibly and in moderation.

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