Discover Poland

So much to see and do

There are many reasons why travelling to Poland for your dental treatment is a great idea. It is not just about the significant cost savings or the exceptional quality of treatment. You will also have the opportunity to discover Poland and all that it has to offer including the 17 World Heritage sites in Poland, hundreds of castles & palaces, 23 National Parks, World War II sites & much more.

Discover Poland

Discover Poland, Love Poland

Poland is a very popular tourist destination, particularly the main cities of Warsaw, Krakow Gdansk where many of our recommended dental surgeries are located. However, there is much more to the country than just the cities in Poland. Each of the regions of Poland has its own unique identity and are worth exploring.

From Poland’s lake district Masuria with over 2,000 lakes to true wilderness areas like The Bialowieza Forest to the stunning Tatra Mountains – you will find that Poland has something to offer every visitor. With large natural forest, Poland is a bird-watcher’s paradise. Northern Poland caters for beach lovers & Poland is home to spectacular mountain ranges, the world’s oldest operating salt mines, fantastic landscapes, caves, historical monuments and castles & much more.

For detailed tourist information about Poland, please visit our travel partner, Poland Travel Agency.

Sailing in Poland

Dental tourism

With highly trained dentists and support staff and dental surgeries packed with the latest dental technology, Poland provides a unique opportunity to get your dental treatment sorted at a fraction of the UK cost – and also throw in an enjoyable city break or even a holiday!

From sailing to skiing to cycling, climbing, ecotourism, hiking, fishing, bird watching, canoeing, camping & golf – there’s so many outdoor activities in Poland. Discover Poland, see all the wonders it has to offer; whilst taking advantage of the excellent dental facilities and prices available.

Those choosing to have their dental treatment in Krakow may wish to visit nearby locations such as the Wieliczka Salt Mine or Auschwitz. Dental tourists heading to Warsaw will find that the Capital city has many tourist attractions on offer and those heading to Gdansk will find a full and interesting events itinerary.

Sailing in Poland