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Krakow is the most popular tourist destination in Poland and this supports a lot of the local economy. Kraków Airport (also known as John Paul II International Airport) is the main airport, located in Balice, about 12 km to the west of the centre. It is the second biggest airport in Poland. Krakow has many excellent dental clinics and dentists and is a very popular dental tourism destination.

Below, you will find details of our recommended English-speaking dentists in Krakow.

Whilst you are in Krakow

Krakow is perfectly located in terms of tourist attractions and superb places to visit and things to do.

If you are considering dental treatment in Krakow, you may wish to visit Auschwitz between treatments. It is widely agreed that everyone should visit Auschwitz at least once in their lives, it is a stern reminder of the horrors that human beings can inflict on each other and for some people, a life-changing experience.

The Wieliczka Salt Mine, located in the town of Wieliczka in southern Poland, lies within the Krakow metropolitan area. The mine’s attractions for tourists include dozens of statues and an entire chapel that have been carved out of the rock salt by the miners. About 1.2 million persons visit the Wieliczka Salt Mine annually.

English Speaking Dentists In Krakow

Top 20 Dentists in Krakow

Below you will find our recommended ‘Top 20’ dental clinics in Krakow.

They all provide information about their services in the English language. These clinics have experience treating patients from the UK and USA and they provide excellent customer service and the highest standard of treatment & care – View the full list


The Dentist Dental Clinic
Plac Inwalidów 7/5
For 12 years, the team at the Dentist clinic have been dedicated to planning and ultimately improving patients’ smiles. Each patient undergoes a thorough consultation with a team of doctors and dental technicians.
Kamienna 21
Proper dental treatment and oral health are essential at any age. At DENTestetica, we provide comprehensive dental care and offer a wide range of services and treatments which guarantee healthy and beautiful teeth. Fear of the dentist is no cause for embarrassment. At DENTestetica, we know and understand this problem well, so we have developed a special treatment program for dental phobia sufferers.
Plac Matejki 2
We offer both general and cosmetic dentistry including dental implants, veneers, crowns and bridges, tooth whitening and oral hygiene. And whilst we pride ourselves on our modern, innovative techniques we never forget that traditional patient care and comfort is paramount.
3 clinics in Krakow
Denta-Med is Number 5 among the Best Clinics in Poland According to the Prestigious GCR Ranking. Denta-Med is a 24/7 dental clinic with 26 years' experience, operating in three locations in Krakow: ul. Na Zjeździe 13, ul. Gertrudy 4 and ul. Augustiańskiej 13. We do our best to make every Patient feel comfortable and satisfied with our dental care.
ul. Nowosądecka 46
In our clinic we have many professionals ready to look after you, a variety of dental specialists including a surgeon , audiologist , endodontist , orthodontist & an implantologist. This allows us to optimize your treatment and achieve the best results.
Dental Esthetic
ul. Wielicka 83A
With the health of our patients foremost in mind, we offer top quality dental care. We use state of the art treatment methods and our team boasts numerous certificates. Our employees’ high qualifications are combined with specialised practical and academic degrees, as well as many years of professional experience.
Implantis Dental Surgery
al.I.Daszyńskiego 12/U5
Welcome to our modern dental clinic equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostic and medical equipment including CT scan – 3D X-ray apparatus and American endodontic microscopes designed, above all, to conduct dental treatments in Krakow which are painless and precise.
ul. Basztowa 23/4
Dent Kraków is a professional and modern dental clinic in Cracow. It is our mission to ensure the highest standard of dental service with the maximum comfort possible in nice and friendly atmosphere. Thanks to the perfect location of our clinic in the heart of the city, it is possible to get to us easily from every place in Krakow.
Wichlińscy Clinic
ul. Długa 48
Our selection procedure guarantees that each dentist at the Wichliński Aesthetic Dentistry and Implantology Centre is a qualified and experienced specialist. At our Krakow Dentistry Clinic, services are provided by a maxillofacial surgeon, dental prosthetist and an orthodontist.
ul. Śliczna 34b/U4
We use the latest state of the art equipment and materials to ensure the most precise diagnosis and treatment for our patients’ needs, combined with the best possible service available. Our procedures are backed up by our one year guarantee.
BJB Stomatologia Estetyczna
ul. Lubicz 24
We are private health care centre established in 1991. Since then, we have been providing our medical services for more than 8,000 patients. Always having customer satisfaction in mind, we are not only in posesession of the best medical equipment available but in a constant process of upgrading our own professional qualifications as well.
Lubostroń 22G/7
We are one of the most modern dental clinics in Krakow which offers its patients comprehensive dental care, including implant treatment. By continuous training all over the world we are an efficient team of specialists able to cope with every emerging issue in the field of dental treatment.
aleja Ignacego Daszyńskiego 8
We provide the highest standard of treatment in our clinic in Krakow. We use the best materials and each patient is treated individually without having to wait a long time for a consultation.
aleja 29 Listopada 65
Unident is a modern professional dentist’s studio that cares about your comfort. Our studio access is adjusted for disabled patients. Unident delivers the highest quality level of services. We are open Monday to Friday from 8:00 till 21:00.
Smile Dent
ul. Lucjana Rydla 9A
In our clinic we deal with complex dental treatments. Each patient is unique, so treatment begins with an agreed care plan – we endeavor to clarify any doubt so that we can involve you in a conscious decision-making process. During planning, and during each visit, we will be happy to answer any question you may have about your treatment.
Ślusarska 8/LU5
Artdentina is a dental clinic located in the center of Krakow in the Zabłocie district; which is close to the Schindler Factory. We have diligently created a nice and safe place where your smile is comprehensively crafted.