Canoeing in Poland
Canoeing in Poland

Canoeing and kayaking

Canoeing and kayaking are popular leisure activities in Poland for those who enjoy getting out on the water. There are almost 10,000 kilometres of rivers and lakes in the country and many of these waterways are very popular for canoeing in Poland.

The Lubuskie Lake District and the rivers of the west of Poland offer some of the best kayaking.

Four of the best rivers in Poland for kayaking and canoeing enthusiasts are the River Obra, Warta River, River Notec, and River Drawa. Other rivers suitable for canoeing and kayaking include the River Odra, River Postomia, Czarna Hancza River, Brda River and the Krutynia River.

Krutynia route

The most beautiful route is the almost two-hundred-kilometre long Krutynia route. The river winds its way through the land of a Thousand Lakes, among a picturesque landscape of lakes and streams. The Krutynia River is always a wonderful experience, a close encounter with lush nature, beautiful lakes and the wildlife of the Pisz Forest.

Drweca River

Another interesting Mazurian route is that of the Drweca River which is one of the clearest rivers in Poland. It is about 200 km long. It starts at Ostroda, flows through forests and wildlife reserves, and goes all the way to the Vistula River near Torun. Comfortable sites for camping are found on both riverbanks. There is an annual “International Canoe Trip on Drweca river”, which is popular among canoeists from many countries.

Experienced tourists can seek adventures along more challenging whirls and rocks of mountain rivers. Kayak trips for groups are organised on the Dunajec River, which seems to be the best choice, also because of its picturesque gorges in the Pieniny Mountains.

Polish waterways are good both for long trips as well as for one-day expeditions. One day is all it takes to sail half the Radunskie Circle or the Kowaliowy Trail in the Przemecki Natural Park. Boatmen wait for visitors on the river Krutynia and take them down the prettiest parts of the river at a good pace and with no effort. The Dunajec has its traditional raftsmen — called Flis — who can take you on a breath-taking rafting excursion.

You can join rafting trips on the Odra, from Nowa Sol, all the way to Szczecin. Or paddle your way from Bory Tucholskie to Hamburg; the route about 900 km going through Brda, Bydgoski Canal, Notec, Warta, Odra and Laba.

Mountain rivers

Kayakers looking for that special, intense experience should go down one of the three true Mountain rivers, best suited for kayaking. For example, the Bialka running through Tatry and Podhale – horrifyingly cold, rushing, foamy and strewn with granite rocks.

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