Tag: coronavirus

Tag: coronavirus

COVID-19 Update

Treatment plan impacted by COVID-19? Our team is hard at work to provide you options that work for you.

We at Dentists in Poland understand that you are seeking dental treatment during these challenging times. We are working in partnership with our partner, Dental Departures to ensure your safe journey, treatment and outcome.

What we are seeing as ‘best practices’ globally at our partner dental clinics vary based on each country/city/province or legal authority*:

  • Temperature screening upon arrival of patients & staff
  • Sanitary gel stations at entry/exit points of the clinic/hospitals
  • Face masks for 100% of medical/dental staff at all times during work shifts
  • Requiring staff exhibiting any symptoms of Covid-19 to stay at home & self-quarantine for 14 days
  • Requiring patients to complete questionnaires prior to treatment certifying that they have not traveled to/from specific countries nor have they exhibited flu-like-symptoms
  • Banning patients from specific countries from receiving care at their dental/medical facility
  • Banning all elective dental/medical treatments; only permitting emergency dental/medical treatment

*Note – this is for informational purposes and does not constitute any medical/dental advice.  Please consult your local/state/provincial/federal/dental/medical regulatory/government body for specific Covid-19 guidelines.

We know navigating the Covid-19 quarantines is confusing so we’ve put together real-time dashboards to keep you up-to-date on inbound & outbound travel restrictions:

outbound travel restrictions 

inbound travel restrictions